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Sunshine on a Rainy Day - Sarah & Eric

Sarah Reinagel, of Williamsburg, and Eric Ott, of Richmond, were married on June 2, 2018 at St. Olaf Catholic Church in Williamsburg and hosted their beautiful reception at the Vineyard Estates.

The couple met at a Thanksgiving potluck held among friends in the Catholic Student Ministry during their second year at the University of Virginia. They hadn't spent much time together before this, however things would all change after Eric showed up to the potluck with a large, roasted turkey that became the topic of conversation. Sarah recalled that as the group sat around a huge table to eat this great-smelling turkey, Eric began to share a great story about all of the disasters that he (and the turkey) overcame to make it to the party. Sarah said, "Eric proceeded to expound upon the most elaborate turkey disaster story anyone had ever heard." Next thing you know, they struck up a conversation and went on their first date soon after this evening. They marked the beginning of…

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